As they flee away from war, poverty, violence and persecution, thousands of people overcome the militarised outer border of Europe protected by Frontex. Municipalities and states are overwhelmed, individuals and volunteers get mobilised to ease the arrival of the refugees. Germany is considered a role model these days because of its „welcoming culture“ and Merkel in particular is receiving international recognition for her asylum policy. At the same time though, the Federal Government is planning to tighten asylum laws and conducts 10.000 deportations every year. How can that be?

Even more right deprivation? We demand: A good life for all!

Instead of considering the possibility of abolishing boundaries and establishing freedom of movement for all, a legislative proposal suggests that asylum seekers from so-called „safe states“ remain in the initial registration camps of these states until they are deported. Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro have been declared safe states in a rush. However these states are in no way safe especially for Sinti and Roma who face the threat of discrimination, persecution and murder. With the tightening of asylum laws in Germany, refugees will be meant to receive non-cash benefits rather than cash and will have to remain up to six months in the initial registration camps, remaining subject to residence obligation for up to six months. This means that they are not allowd to leave a certain defined area. Residence obligation is found nowhere else in Europe and only exists in German. The right to emergency medical care is canceled. The cash budget that already lies well below the minimum subsistence level is planned to be further reduced.

Originally the plan was to cut all the supplies and accomodations for people who have no chance of receiving asylum in Germany, solely providing them with a return ticket and food for the journey. This project was unconstitutional and thus taken out of the legislative proposal. In their position paper, the coalition names such measures „removing wrong incentives“ and thus ridicules the actual reasons why people are fleeing. We are angry and stunned. People do not flee for fun! In most cases it involves leaving behind relatives and friends as well as risking one’s life.

Against the EU fortress!

On the European level, the president of the EU Commission Juncker demands the strengthening of the EU outer borders by the border protection agency Frontex. Europe invested 90 Millions Euro for instance in 2010 in the protection of the outer border. We wonder why these funds are not invested in the improvement of the situation of refugees or in reducing the causes for flight. This rationale is also applied when closing the border between Germany and Austria so as to stop refugees from entering Germany.

Causes of Flight and German Profits

At the same time, the public discourse fails to mention that Germany profits economically from war and violent conflicts, being the third largest weapon exporting country. No one mentions either that the EU forces countries such as Kenya, Tansanya and Rwanda to enter so-called free trade agreements (Economic Partnership Agreements, EPAs) that push these countries towards bankruptcy and produces exactly the type of poverty that people have to escape from. How can Germany pose as benefactor while playing a leading role in the production of the causes of flight and profiting from the exploitation of other countries? How can it be that in this context, refugees are not given access to a dignified, humane life in Germany?

In this context, one must refuse to talk to so-called „economic refugees“. It is a racist term as it covers up the role played by Germany and the EU in the upkeep of the economic situation of the so-called „third world“. It categorises people politically in „good“ and „bad“ refugees, in people who will supposedly represent a cost to Germany and those who will be economically useful. We object to such a logic and demand a good life for all people who come to Germany! Regardless of whether they had to flee from war, persecution or economic exploitation! Oppose the racist mob!

At present, a growing number of attacks are taking place on refugee housings, committed by organised neonazis and „concerned citizens“. More than 350 attacks on housings took place only this year! The number of violent attacks on refugees is also growing in Germany. Racist mobilisation however also comes from the heart of society. Talk of a „welcoming culture“!

At the momen, it is invidividuals and volunteers who provide support, actively show their solidarity and create concrete offers. They are compelled to take on duties that otherwise incumb to the state. All this makes us angry.

We criticise:
the living conditions in the housing camps and the existence of the camps… the asylum legislation and the proposals to tighten it… the lack of support coming from the State that relies on the supporting work of volunteers… the political framework that is at the origin of flight, supporting work and political and public discussions on these issues.

We demand:
We do not want any passports that determin identities and define freedom of movement, and we do not want to categorise people in „real“ and „fake“ refugees. We want the abolition of national boundaries and of border regimes! And we‘re fed up of the existing racist structures and attacks! We demand a dignified humane life for all!

On october the 16th the Federal Council will decide on the legislative proposal of asylum laws. Therefore we want to protest together on october the 15th by 5 pm at Potsdamer Platz!

Solidarity must become political!